What’s Next For The Losers Of UFC 222?

We had a spectacular night of fights last Saturday, so now we have to do some matchmaking and figure out what they should do next. Let’s have a look at what the losing fighters could do next.


Cat Zingano (9-3)

Cat Zingano was an undefeated fighter with the world in her palm. She is still an elite top 10 fighter, but now she is on a three loss streak (Rousey, Pena and Vieira). I would like to see her take a few months off, train, shake the cobwebs off, and come back later this year to win her next fight. I think Germaine De Randamie would be a good match for Zingano.


Stefan Struve (28-10)

Stefan Struve is a heavyweight who many thought would reach the top, but he has not been able to use his size efficiently or effectively. I think he should perhaps think about a camp switch. If not, at least a change in style. He needs to learn to use his size and keep the distance to his advantage if he wants that Stipe Miocic rematch. My suggestion is to learn range or distance management, then try to stop Tai Tuivasa’s hype train.  Plus, it serves a neat story line since Tai’s mentor, Mark Hunt, beat Stuve a few years ago.


Andre Soukhamthath (12-6)

I don’t know very much about Andre, but I know he could grow into someone great, if they give him a chance, and the right opponent. I think they either give him one more chance, Albert Moraes is a good option since both need a win to get back on track, or he changes to a different organisation.


Frankie Edgar (22-6-1)

I can’t respect Frankie Edgar enough! Even though he had his deserved title shot on the line, he still went out there and took a fight that he didn’t need to take, and put on a show just like all of his other fights. I want to say he can become a bantamweight champion, but his best bet might have been to move down a few years ago. I hope that Frankie does become the champion, if not for his own legacy, but to finally bring class back to bantamweight, something that has been missing since Dominick Cruz lost the belt. All in all, I say he takes a money fight or two, retires if he wants, or tries to go on a last title run in bantamweight. I could see him getting Cody Garbrandt or Dominick Cruz as his last fight. I want to see him get a title, but I don’t want to see him lose, I am so conflicted.


Yana Kunitskaya (10-4-1)

Yana Kunitskaya had the heart, but not the means to beat Cris Cyborg. I say send her back to Invicta FC to win a fight or two, then she should try to face the winner of Sarah Kaufman vs. Katharina Lehner in the bantamweight division. On May 4th, these two will fight for the vacant Invicta FC bantamweight belt. So Yana could try to get in on the winner’s title defence if she plays her cards right.

Stephen Johnston

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