Can Alexander “Drago” Volkov upset Werdum?

Fabrício Werdum will have his hands full on March 17th against a dangerous fighter known as “Drago“. While Werdum is the favorite to win, Drago certainly has the size and skill to defeat him. I smell an upset…

Volkov is a fighter that you want to finish early. Anytime Volkov has been stopped, it has been in the very first round. This is not good news for Werdum. Why? Whenever Werdum has fought a fighter 6’6 or taller, he has gone the distance. Grant it, he won those decisions, they were not against anyone this good.

Standing 6’7, Drago is currently riding a 5 fight win streak, with his last 3 wins being in the UFC. Being undefeated in the octagon is impressive, but what’s more impressive is the level of competition he has already faced. Timothy Johnson is no joke, and this was Drago’s first test inside the octagon. He was able to win by split decision. After that he has continued to impress. With wins over household names Roy Nelson and Stefan Struve, Drago has put himself in a position to earn a title shot should be defeat Werdum. Aside from his resume, and size, Volkov is a true martial artist. He has skill, discipline, heart, and a granite chin.


Drago is a black belt in Tsu Shin Gen Karate! It’s always a treat to watch a true martial artist like him compete and win. He is the only heavyweight I have seen use this art inside the octagon. It will surely cause problems for Werdum as he has not faced a karate master like this before. Not only is he elusive and powerful, he is also very fast. Besides these attributes, he has an impressive 76% takedown defense. Werdum is horrible when it comes to getting a takedown, and only has landed 24% of his takedowns attempted. So it will be very tough for him to get Drago down. While Werdum has defeated great strikers, they were not this tall. Nor were they this young, at least recently.

Werdum is 40 years old, which is ancient in fighter years. He is likely past his prime. Yes, he is riding a two fight win streak, but his opponents were not exactly elite fighters. Drago is 29 years old, and in the prime of his life. I have to assume that this fight will go the distance, and Werdum will be on the losing end of a decision.



Anthony Peterson



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