Is Anderson Silva’s legacy tainted

Is Anderson The Spider Silvas legacy tainted?The question many MMA fans keep asking themselves after dominating the UFC for so many years, setting record after record. At one point, he held the record for the most consecutive title defenses for almost 5 years, the most consecutive wins at 16 – a record he still holds onto today but a series of failed drug test have raised the question, is his legacy tainted?

Once viewed as the greatest of all time by many people for many years, The Spider lost his middleweight belt in a huge upset knockout loss to Chris Weidman. The Brazilian came back for a rematch where his leg kick was checked, subsequently breaking his leg.

After being absent for a while to recover, Anderson came back at UFC 183 to fight Nick Diaz, which is where the failed drug tests started. He failed a test for an anabolic steroid, but many came up with the idea that it was just to heal his leg, and the fans gave him the benefit of the doubt. Then after fights with top middleweights Michael Bisping an Derek Brunson, he was scheduled to fight Kelvin Gastelum. The fight was scratched the first time for a failed drug test (marijuana), so the fight was rescheduled. In the following November, Silva was pulled due to a potential anti doping violation. February 2018, it was released that the once champion had failed with synthetic anabolic steroid in his system from a USADA sample taken back in November, which now has us where we are now.

Some say Silva is still one of the greatest, at the same time others look at him as a cheater an feel that his legacy is tainted along with his records. Will the once long reigning middleweight champion and UFC legend ever be able to save his career or is it forever tainted?

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