An Interview With Smile’n Sam Alvey

Smile’n Sam Alvey has been around in the mixed martial arts game for 10 years and has punched holes in many an opponent, Alvey has a 32-10 professional record and was the MFC middleweight champion before signing with the UFC in 2014. The Americans ability to pull the trigger and fold his opponent up like an ironing board has been ever present in his career, with 19 of the 31-year olds 32 wins have come by brutal knockout leaving Alvey smiling like the Cheshire cat we all love.

After 5 fights where the judges were necessary to declare the outcome of the fight, Alvey made the decision to move up to light heavyweight and fight Marcin Prachnio at UFC On Fox: Emmett vs Stephens. 4 minutes into the fight Alvey knock Prachnio clean out and it seems like the knockout artist is back to his old ways, so I was eager to catch up with him and see what his future plans are.

Alvey 2

Interview conducted by Ryan Cambridge of MMAMotion.

What got you into MMA and what is your first MMA Memory?

I just thought I was tough. I never trained any martial arts or even really wrestled. I just thought anyone could do it. My first memory of MMA would be my first fight. I didn’t even know there was a thing called the UFC.

What sets you apart from the rest of the fighters on the UFC roster?

The biggest thing that sets me apart is how much I truly love what I do.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I don’t really have a “big” inspiration for what I do. I just like doing it. There are a few records I would like to break. Most fights in the UFC is one of my biggest goals.

If you could pick one dream fight, who would be your opponent?

That’s an easy question… whoever is the champion.

Do you have an opponent in mind for who you want next? Or is something in the pipeline waiting to be announced?

I called his name after I won my last fight and I stand by it, Gian Villante. I’m a fan of his style and I’d love to share the octagon with him.

After your last great win are you staying at light heavyweight now?

I’ll be staying here for awhile. Honestly, wherever the UFC wants me, I will be happy to go. Back to 185 is not out of the question.

What do you want to be remembered for when you decide to hang up your gloves?

I want to be the guy everyone remembers for loving this sport. The guy who everyone will equate to what a real fighter is.

Thank you for talking to me Sam, I hope you get your wish.

Let’s hope Alvey gets his wish and fights Gian Villante next as that would be a great matchup which would surely end in a knockout. Alvey has every fan excited now his fighting at light heavyweight and is eager to see how far 205lb Alvey can go.

Ryan Cambridge

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