Darren Till looking beyond Conor Mcgregor’s achievements

Darren Till has been keeping himself busy lately calling out the majority of the UFC welterweight division on social media.

Speaking on the most recent episode of UFC Connected, Till shed some light on his thought process along with sharing his current wish list.

“I want (Kamaru (Usman). I want (Stephen Thompson). If Gunnar (Nelson) was in the top 10, I’d want him – but I still want him,” Till told host Layla Anna-Le. “And obviously I want the champ, but I don’t feel I’ve earned that right at the moment. I want Colby (Covington), because he’s a snitch.”

In a world where many fighters tend to demand fights regardless of circumstance, Till is surprisingly philosophical about the situation he finds himself in. He understands he has to show he’s earned the opportunities he craves.

“I want Colby, but I don’t think I’ll get Colby,” Till explained. “Maybe Colby’s earned the right for a title shot right now. I don’t know. He’s like on a five-, (six-fight) winning streak, so no matter what type of guy he is outside the cage, he’s earned that right. Maybe I haven’t earned that right to fight Colby right now”

Full hasn’t fought since an impressive KO victory against Donald Cerrone back in October 2017. Many fans were hoping to see the undefeated Scouser headline UFC London later this month with Gunnar Nelson touted as a potential opponent. Unfortunately, illness would have meant a shorter than necessary camp for Till and so he took his team’s advice and passed on the fight.

“I know that everyone’s anticipating the UFC’s next move with myself,” Till said. “Whatever they do, people are going to get excited about it. So that makes me happy. A little sense of achievement, that people are really looking forward to see Darren Till’s next move.”

Considering his destruction of Cerrone along with his confident, no nonsense attitude, many fans are questioning just how far Till can go in the UFC. The ambitious Liverpudlian was more than happy to share the answer to those questions.

“There’s not how far can I go; there’s how far do I want to go,” Till said. “Where do I want to take it? Do I want to just stop at welterweight? No. Do I want to stop at middleweight? No. Light heavyweight? Yeah. Eat lots of food – heavyweight? Yeah. I just want to fight everyone. I want to be the best ever. I don’t just want to fight four to five guys, make a bunch of money and just say, ‘I’m done with fighting.’”

As is often the case when talking about where the ceiling might be for a fighter, it didn’t take long for conversation to move to another brash, confident European fighter. Till however has loftier plans than simply looking to emulate Conor Mcgregor.

“For me to be the best and be the be considered the best of all time, I can’t just win one belt or two, because then people will just put me in the same level as Conor,” Till said. “I want to win three. That’s just an ambition and a dream, and I know I can do it and it’s possible.”

To watch the full interview, you can check out episode 2 of UFC Connected, below.

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