News: Cage Warriors star Paddy Pimblett rules himself out of UFC Liverpool

“I’ll Be On Holiday May 27th”

Cage warriors star and former Lightweight champion, Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett has just announced that he will not be fighting at UFC Fight Night 130 in his hometown of Liverpool, England.

Following the UFC’s announcement on Friday that they would be taking over the Echo arena in May, in which rising star Darren Till is set to headline, there has been talk of which Liverpudlians would join him on the highly demanded first card in Liverpool.

In my opinion, ‘The Baddy’ would not be far from the top of UK MMA fan wish lists of possible fighters on the historic debut card in Merseyside.

The Scouser, 23, announced on the 19th March edition of MMAFighting’s ‘MMA Hour’ that he would in fact not be in Liverpool at all on that night, but instead would be on holiday. “I’m on holiday on May 27th…I’m in Mexico.”

He later went to state that he was not that bothered about missing out on such an anticipated card, to the surprise of host Ariel Helwani.

“I’m not that arsed to be fair about the UFC in Liverpool. I’ve headlined the show twice before, d’ya know what i mean? I fought again there the other week”. He went on to state that he does believe the card “will be great for UK MMA” but believes he will not be missed as “The cards for Darren (Till)”

However, Pimblett doesn’t believe the card will be the same without him, citing Cage warriors 88 as an example of where an event was not as electric without him on the card.

“You’ve seen the Cage Warriors shows when I’m on there and you’ve seen the one when I wasn’t on there — When Fishy (Chris Fishgold) beat Alex Jacobsen — and it just wasn’t the same. And UFC Liverpool won’t be,” said Pimblett.

He believes that there are other fighters across the north west of England who can fill his spot, such as fellow scouser and Cage Warriors Fighter Molly McCann. When asked if the card can sell out without him, he replied by saying “Of course it can, we support our own. We’re Scousers, we support our own. That card will sell out no matter what, but it won’t be the same”

While many UK fans will be sad by this announcement, the fact that Liverpool is finally getting a card of its own will be more than enough for them. As we know however, in MMA anything can happen overnight so I wouldn’t put my house on Paddy ‘The Baddy’ not fighting on this card.

-Eamonn Scott

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