Interview: ONE FC Champion Martin Nguyen

Many people know the story of how Conor McGregor won two belts to become a simaetaneous two division champion, but not many people outside of the hardcore MMA fan community know of the story of Martin “The Situ-Asian” Nguyen and his upcoming fight on March 24th against Bibiano Fernandes at ONE Championship: Iron Will to become a simaetaneous three division champion.

He first beat Marat Gafurov, knockout in the second round, to become the ONE FC featherweight champion, and than he went up to lightweight to try his luck there. He beat the reigning champion Eudard Folayang, again by second round knockout, to hold the rare mantle of being a two division champ, and one of the even more rare simaetaneous double champs.

I was able to get an interview with him before his big fight for a THIRD title and if you aren’t sure what you are doing this weekend, than you better keep your eyes on him and on his quest for gold as he is set to fight for the bantamweight title.

Stephen: What got you into MMA and did you have any friends and family to look to for an example?

Martin: I first got into mma because I was overweight. I was recommended by a friend to try BJJ and from than I haven’t looked back.

Stephen: What made you try to go for the record of being a simultaneous three division champ?

Martin: Winning our first title, featherweight, I was underweight, so the plan was to fight Bibiano for his belt, but ONE Championship had other plans, and the match for the lightweight belt was offered, now that I own two belts, ONE Championship can’t deny the inevitable of fighting for the bantamweight belt.

Stephen: If there was one fighter that you could bring over from the UFC to come fight against you in ONE FC, who would you choose?

Martin: In terms of fighting anyone from the UFC, I hadn’t thought of it at all.

Stephen: While ONE FC and RIZIN are huge in asian countries, what do you think these companies can do to compete with more renown organizations such as UFC and Bellator?

Martin: ONE FC is the largest organization coming out of Asia only being run for six years now. I think frm where we are now from the short time it has been since we started, It’s only s6 matter of time that ONE will dominate worldwide”

Stephen: If you could give one peice of advice to your fans and/or any future MMA fighters, what would you say to them?

Martin: Stay humble, good things come to those who work hard for it.

I hope that this interview helped you to get to know Martin a little better, and I hope to see a fun fight between him and Bibiano where he is set to make history, in a somewhst unheard of way.

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