News: Erik Carlsson comments on Ahmed Amir ahead of Brave CF 11

Back in November 2017, top notch Brave CF prospects Erik Carlsson and Ahmed Amir collided at Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions in Bahrain. In a back and forth scrap that showcased the heart and technical ability of both fighters, Amir edged the win over Carlsson via split decision.

The fight was labelled a classic, and the contest was appreciated by the legends of the sport including Kirik Jenness, Frankie Edgar and Wanderlei Silva. Most notably, Amir turned the head of Straight Blast Gym (SBG) Head Coach John Kavanagh, and was subsequently invited to join the world renowned Irish based gym. “The Butcher” is currently in Ireland preparing to face Cleiton Silva at Brave 11 in Brazil on 13th April.

Carlsson is currently in training camp and is set to make his Brave CF return in May. In the current roster, he is the first and only fighter representing Sweden. Whilst in training at the Tiger Muay Thai Thailand, Carlsson talked about his previous fight with Amir:

“It was a fight that I learned a lot from, and a very exiting fight according to many people in the arena. I met John Kavanagh the day after, and he told me that he really enjoyed the fight which was nice, but the result was still the same. Ahmed did a great job staying close to me in the clinch and landed in a good dominant position in the second round, scoring well with the judges. I thought I would be able to land more cleaner shots and create space better in those clinch situations, but he is strong in the body lock positions, and he held on for dear life there. In the open field, I was far superior as I dropped him twice. He listened to his corner well. They told him to stay away and recover until Mark Goddard warned him. He won the contest, but I believe I won the fight – but we both won the audience unlike no other fight in the card.”

When asked about the upcoming fight between Ahmed Amir and Cleiton Silva at Brave 11, Carlsson responded:

“It will be a tough fight. I hope he will showcase an outstanding performance and will prove the heart he has put into the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. As a person he struggled a lot to reach where he is right now, and is an ambassador of mixed martial arts in Egypt. I wish him the best in his upcoming fight.”

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