Brave 11: Baker vs Farias, Light Heavyweight Title On The Line

April 13th at Brave 11 – Canada and Brazil go head to head as two top light heavyweight contenders go to war for Brave’s light heavyweight strap in a fight between Matt “The Riotmaker” Baker, and Klidson Farias in the co-main event.

Baker is making his debut for Brave and must be delighted to be walking straight into a title fight. Baker has a pro record of 14-9 and 13 of these wins have come by finish, making “The Riotmaker” a fun fighter to watch. He possesses a kill or be killed mentality and would prefer to go down swinging rather than settling for a boring decision. Six clean knockouts and seven submissions in organisations such as King Of The Cage and the World Series Of Fighting, proves that Baker is more than experienced enough to carry the torch for Brave’s light heavyweight division

Matt Baker

Farias will step into Brave’s cage for the third time on April 13th. The Brazilian holds a pro record of 11-2 and like Baker, the majority of his wins have come by finish. Farias is on a three-fight win streak and won the vacant belt in his last fight against a tough German in Timo Feucht. Farias will be hoping to grow his impressive record on his journey to becoming one of the greatest 205’ers on the planet.

So will Baker come straight into Brave and take the belt? Or, will Farias retain his champion status? Nobody knows. But one thing is certain, the judges can have a break as they are not going to be needed!

Ryan Cambridge

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