News: Undefeated French super prospect signs with Brave Combat Federation

Brave Combat Federation has signed a multi-fight agreement with the top rated French super prospect, Abdoul Abdouraguimov.

Abdouraguimov has recently won his third regional title at the SHC 12 after defeating UFC veteran Viscadi Andrade by way of decision. Abdouraguimov has a career record of 7 victories and a zero losses. Having fought against some of the stiffest competition in the European Circuit, his only non-victory came by way of ‘no contest’ against Georges Eid in a fight for the European Beatdown Welterweight title. Abdouraguimov dominated from start to finish until an accidental strike to the back of the head resulted in the no contest.

With the addition of Abdouraguimov, the Brave welterweight division certainly has a growing depth and competition. This is proving especially important as the welterweight championship is soon set to be defended.

Currently the roster consists of some serious talent including as Jarrah Al Selawe, David Bear, Karl Amoussou, Mehdi Baghdad, Carlston Harris, Mohammad Fakhreddine, Tahar Hadbi, Sidney Wheeler and Carl Booth.

No doubt the talented roster will develop in to a legitimate, competative division in the coming year.

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