News: Brave 12 KHK Legacy weigh in results – trouble for Hardeep Rai and Vincent Majid

Brave Combat Federation hosted their public weigh in ceremony earlier today ahead of Brave 12: KHK Legacy in Jakarta, Indonesia. The event marks the first time the promotion has hosted a card in Indonesia and fortunately, following the weigh ins they still have a full fight card with all 12 planned fights set to go ahead tomorrow night.

Two of the 24 fighters scheduled to compete on Friday night failed to hit their mark on the scales. India’s Hardeep Rai missed the lightweight limit by 2.14 kilos and Indonesia’s Vincent Majid missed the light heavyweight limit by 0.56 kilos. In both cases, their opponents, lightweight John Brewin and light heavyweight Jing Yi Chong, agreed to go ahead with their fights. Both Rai and Majid will forfeit a percentage of their appearance fees to their opponents.


Official Weigh-in Results

Eldar Eldarov (70.7 Kg) vs. Brian Hooi (70.3 Kg) – Lightweight

Jarrah Al Selawe (77.1 Kg) vs. Tahar Hadbi (77.56 Kg) – Welterweight

Mehdi Baghdad (77.1 Kg) vs. Pawel Kielek (77.5 Kg) – Welterweight

Vincent Majid (94 Kg*) vs. Jing Yi Chong (92 Kg) – Light-Heavyweight

Hamza Kooheji (66.1) vs. Khaled Taha (65.6 Kg) – Featherweight

Marat Magomedov (66 Kg) vs. Luke Adams (65.8 Kg) – Featherweight

Gadzhimusa Gaziev (74.3 Kg) vs. Leonardo Mafra (74.1 Kg) – Catchweight

Akhmed Magomedov (67.85 Kg) vs. Anthony Engelen (67.85) – Catchweight

Hardeep Rai (72.9 Kg*) vs. John Brewin (70.65 Kg) – Lightweight

Jeremy Pacatiw (63.75 Kg) vs. Kaan Ofli (64 Kg) – Catchweight

Hussain Ayyad (57.1 Kg) vs. Jomar Pa-ac (56.65 Kg) Flyweight

Gamzat Magomedov (61.2 Kg) vs. Zeck Lange (61.5 Kg) – Bantamweight

Adi Paryanto (51.6 Kg) vs. Ahmad Sopian (52.1 Kg) – Strawweight

Brilly Perkesa (57 Kg) vs. Alfiandi (56.3 Kg) – Flyweight

Senna Saputra (65.8 Kg) vs. Achterzon Andre (64.4 Kg) – Featherweight

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