Opinion: George St. Pierre vs Nate Diaz: The UFC masterplan

With alot of talk happening of GSP vs Diaz, its clear too see what game the UFC are playing. With the fight happening at lightweight, they are obviously trying to line up a super fight between McGregor and Rush.

In my opinion, that is only one facet of the plan. With a fight of this magnitude, they need to hold the fight in one of the most famous sporting arenas in the world. The MGM grand or Madison Square Garden may be the choice of many a fight fan, but this arena is grander again.

The arena in question goes by the name of Croke Park.

‘Croker’ may not be well known to many off the shores of the emerald isle, but ask any Irish man, woman or child and they will tell you about the folklore and legends that have been created on the hollowed turf.


Ireland’s finest sporting moments have been seen here, and what finer sporting moment would there be than the fighting pride of Dublin taking on arguably one of the biggest names in combat sports history.

In terms of PPV numbers, GSP vs Mcgregor will be the biggest event ever, a possible 2 million plus buys could be expected for this. The capacity, if this event does happen, will be in excess of 90,000. And with it being held in Conor’s back yard, you can bet your house that the arena will be brimmed. We are quite simply looking at something that could well be the biggest event in sporting history, never mind MMA.

Dana White has teased Croke Park in the past but has never followed through on his word. Possibly because no fight has deserved the right to be held in Croke Park. Not that I am knocking any fighter Mcgregor has fought, but the last fight to be held in “Croker” was a Muhammed Ali fight, so the fight that happens has to be the stuff of absolute legend.

I recently attended Croke Park for a GAA match, and with an attendance of 9000 or so the atmosphere was still electric. I found myself that if McGregor did fight here, there would be an atmosphere that the world would never have seen before, and probably will never see again.

Croke Park is the perfect Arena to house GSP vs McGregor, its just a question of whether everything will fall into place now.

The rocky road to Dublin begins with GSP vs Diaz…

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