Full Story: Nate Diaz and Clay Guida involved in altercation

At an event hosted by Combate Americas in Sacremento, both Nate Diaz and Clay Guida made an appearance, supporting their teammates in their respective bouts.  However, they managed to steal the show and divert attention from the fighters when they both clashed, forcing security staff and others to get involved. Ultimately what followed was an unnecessary scene at an event centered around controlled combat and safe competition.

Tyler Diamond, a teammate of Guida, has tweeted about the incident; saying that Diaz (surrounded by his entourage), came up and pushed Guida from behind.  This resulted in Diamond stepping in between the two and receiving the infamous “Stockton slap” for his trouble.

Both Diaz brothers are well known for their brash attitudes and fans have grown accustomed to both of them playing up to the gangster role, but it could be argued that this is a step too far.  Guida’s manager John Fosco, has said that his client intends to press charges with local police, on account of him being pushed into a metal pole which resulted in a split lip and a bruised face.

An investigation into the incident has been launched by Combate Americas.


The two fighters definitely do have history, stemming all the way back from UFC 94 when the two earned themselves fight of the night honours in a close split decision fight that ultimately went to “The Carpenter”. As well as this Diaz was involved with an altercation with Guidas’ team after the latter was finished by Brian Ortega at UFC 199.  So, no doubt in mind that the intent to throw down is there, let’s hope Diaz can hold off until they can settle their beef in the octagon, and not in the crowds of someone else’s fight.

Of the two “Team Alpha Male” members though, it has been Tyler Diamond who has been more vocal about the incident, explaining he “was speaking with Clay face to face and he was pushed, then I saw Nate and about 10 dudes around him, so I got up with my arms in the air, trying to calm things down, and he slapped me while one of his cronies rabbit punched me”.  It is worth noting that it was Guida who handed Diaz his first loss inside the octagon and broke his 5 fight winning streak; recently, Guida has been calling him out for a rematch, goading him with name calling.  This has always been the case in the UFC, it’s called trash talk and it makes/sells fights, maybe Diaz has taken too much to heart? Or maybe there’s more reasons, time will tell.


Diaz has been heavily linked to a UFC return as of late, with options open to the American such as Canadian superstar Georges st Pierre.  Guida is also booked to fight in UFC 225 on June 10th in Chicago against Bobby Green; so maybe getting into a scrap outside the octagon isn’t the best idea for either man (especially giving the unpredictable behaviour of Dana White).




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