News: Fakhreddine lashes out at Hadbi

Mohammad Fakhreddine released his views on the debate over the incident where Hadbi fought Al Selawe with a broken left hand. Tahar Hadbi lost the fight by unanimous decision against Jarrah Al-Selawi at Brave 12: KHK Legacy hosted in Jakarta, Indonesia. Hadbi posted a photo of an x-ray scan showing his broken arm, claiming that his arm broke inside the first round and influenced the outcome of the fight as he was not fighting at his full capacity.

Al-Selawi responded immediately stating that he and Hadbi was aware of when the injury took place and it was in the third round. This didn’t go well with Hadbi who responded that he had fought with injuries and have medical records to validate the claim. Lebanon’s Mohammad Fakhreddine who had fought Hadbi at Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises in Amman, Jordan was the first to respond to the ongoing debate. Fakhreddine suffered his first ever TKO defeat in his career at the hands of Hadbi in Jordan.

As covered by Zahi from Arabs MMA, Mohammad Fakhreddine did not mince his words and reignited the rivalry. Fakhreddine said that he did not hesitate to walk out straight into battle despite having injuries although he eventually ended up losing the match. The Lebanese Mixed Martial Arts veteran shared his intentions of grabbing a rematch with Hadbi prior to following the necessary protocol of winning his upcoming fight before asking for it.

“People keep asking me about Hadbi and Jarrah’s fight. Hadbi is saying that he broke his arm in the first round and he wasn’t able to compete the way he wanted to. Well, I got news for Hadbi. I want to tell him to shut the **** up! I walked into our fight with a broken foot, a slipped disk and a concussion. I didn’t train for the last 3 weeks, all I did was cut weight and I still came to the fight and I fought. Yeah, I lost ok, but at least I ain’t making no excuses. It is what it is, shit happens and I’m sure that we’re going to fight again. Till that time, I am going to be quiet and I am going to do what I got to do. Deal with the loss and stop giving excuses. That ain’t going to get you nowhere. Win a few fights then ask for a rematch. I am going to win this fight and I am going to ask for a rematch. If you are a man of your words like you said, you feel like nobody can beat you the first time and if they do beat you, then they have to beat you again otherwise it’s a fluke. I feel the same way brother. So, get ready for a second fight man.”, said Fakhreddine.

Fakhreddine is set to face Sidney Wheeler at Brave 13: Europe Evolution hosted on 9th June at the SSE Arena in Belfast, Ireland.

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