News: Nick Diaz released from jail after domestic battery charge

Stockton, California mixed-martial artist Nick Diaz has been released from Clark County jail Saturday, after the former Strike force welterweight champion was arrested by Las Vegas law enforcement and was subsequently charged with domestic battery this week.

Diaz, who has been absent from active competition since his 2015 meeting with Anderson Silva, has been issued bail in the region of $18,000 after he was detained Thursday night. A whereabouts violation under USADA was trashed out recently, allowing Diaz to return to the octagon if he so wishes, but this arrest and assault charge will certainly prolong any eventual return.

Nick Diaz Arrested MMAMotion

Police received a call on Thursday night to a domestic assault incident, and after confronting a “combative” Diaz in which 12 police units responded, the 34 year-old was arrested. The victim, allegedly a female, was transported to a local hospital where they were treated for a suspected broken hip. The victim is also believed to have been strangled during the incident. A Nickolas Diaz was held in custody overnight ahead of his court appearance and subsequent bail submission early Saturday morning.


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