News: Things heat up between Amoussou and Cavalheiro ahead of Brave 13

Karl Amoussou dismissed the statement made by Rodrigo Cavalheiro regarding his ambition to claim the welterweight title from Carlston Harris.

Harris has recently stated that he is ready to defend his belt soon and he admits that Jarrah Al-Selawe is next for a title shot. At the same time, he made a comment that he has his eyes on the upcoming bout between Karl Amoussou and Rodrigo Cavalheiro at Brave 13: Europe Evolution, on June 9th.

Cavalheiro has made his feelings clear about the situation with the welterweight strap:

“This belt was already supposed to be with me. I want to be Brave champion and I can be Brave champion. I am a complete mixed martial artist and I know what I am capable of in this division. My target is Harris because he is the one with the belt”

Amoussou dismissed, and somewhat brushed off the statement and responded:

“He’s got bigger problems he should be focusing on right now. Bigger problems coming up”

Amoussou will face Cavalheiro in the welterweight division in the main card of the event in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The bout marks the first for Amoussou at Brave Combat Federation. He had trained alongside KHK MMA Fight Team in Bahrain during the fight camp set for Brave 12: KHK Legacy. He is known for his aggressive strategy combined with grappling excellence. Out of his 24 victories 13 came by way of submissions, and 17 out of his 24 wins came during the first round of action.


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