MMAMotion Exclusive: Myles Price – “I’ll be going for the kill”

We are days away from Brave Combat Federation making their debut appearance in Europe with their thirteenth event set to take place at the SSE Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The fight card is stacked from top to bottom with intriguing contests with a co-main event featuring two of the island’s finest going head to head. Northern Ireland’s own “Stormin” Norman Parke will make his Brave debut against fellow promotional debutant, “Magic” Myles Price of Kilkenny, Ireland.

I caught up with Myles to discuss his approach to facing Norman for the second time, how he’s feeling after two years away from MMA competition and his predictions for fight night.


Tom Mulligan – You made an impressive return to BAMMA last week after a little over two years out. How did it feel to be back in the cage?

Myles Price – It felt absolutely amazing to be back in there after two years of a lay off, I kept myself very busy, I was improving in the meantime but unfortunately I had a couple of niggley injuries that held me back from competition and I had to prioritise my gym down here in Kilkenny for a while. In between all of that I was steadily improving and filling a lot of holes that I needed to fill in my training in order that when I did come back I’d make an impression and having a performance, which I felt I did to a degree two weeks ago in BAMMA.

I had a very tough, unorthodox opponent in Phil Raeburn as well but I ended up coming out and getting the win and getting somewhat of a performance I was looking for. I felt like I was a little ring rusty, or cage rusty I should say, after two years of being off which is understandable to a degree. Now that the cobwebs have been shaken off I’m ready let go again and let those shots get fired on June 9th at Brave 13 and I’m super looking forward to that.

TM  – You mentioned shaking off any ring rust against Raeburn, now you get the chance to quickly follow up with another fight just 6 weeks later – would you say that there an element of wanting to make up for lost time?

MP – Yeah for sure, there’s definitely an element of wanting to make up for lost time if the opportunity presents itself. It was just like my stars aligned in a sense to be honest, after the Raeburn fight because I just got offered Parke nearly directly straight away after that, so yeah there’s obviously an element of that but it’s not a deliberate choice to do that with the Parke fight. I’m not looking to throw a load of fights in over a short period of time it wasn’t necessarily the plan but it’s most certainly working out that way. 

I feel very fresh and I’m feeling good and regardless of the first fight, I was gonna have a bit of ring rust anyway so even if it was 6 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks or 2-3 months to get the next fight, that first fight is still a fight where I’ll get a bit of ring rust off me. No disrespect to Phil, he’s certainly a tough fight even without the ring rust. I was just efficient with my techniques on the night and my awareness of the cage, how I performed and how I followed through with my techniques and it worked out well for me. I’m super looking forward to applying that again even more efficiently on June 9th.


TM – You mentioned after the Raeburn fight that you felt you were now operating as “Myles 2.0”. Just how much have you grown as a fighter since you last faced Parke eight years ago?

MP – Yeah for sure, I most definitely feel like I’m operating as Myles 2.0. Obviously in the space of 8 years I’m going to improve a lot in that time, it’s a long time to develop even if you are slow at progressing and increasing your IQ and being efficient in the training rooms and in competition. I definitely feel like in those 8 years, I’ve grown so much in regards to my overall game and all the things that I’m kind of natural and particularly good at like my striking and jiu jitsu. My wrestling and my judo comes quite naturally to me as well but there’s always holes to fill and things to work on, you’re never the overall complete picture.

I for sure feel like I’m operating as Myles 2.0 but that’ll keep increasing over time, I’ll always make sure of that. It’s just another day at the office when it comes to improving more and more every single time. That’s why this is an appealing match up, Me vs Parke. I have improved at all those little things that need to improve when it comes to facing an opponent like Parke. It’s going to show on the night.

TM – Considering the improvements you’ve made since the last time you met, what kind of risk do you see Parke posing once the cage door closes?

MP – I feel like Parke is fairly similar to what he was eight years ago to be honest. He’s still primarily a grappling based guy who likes grinding out decisions, coming forward. That’s kind of his core strong suit and I don’t blame him for sticking to that core. It didn’t really pay dividends for him when it came to entertaining fights for the bigger promotions like the UFC, etc. For sure, it doesn’t take away from his skill set and how high percentage he is with those aspects of his game. I feel like that’s probably the only risk that Parke is going to have with me. He has a very good submission game and very good striking as well so I need to be aware of that. I can never underestimate any part of any mans game. I just like focusing on what I do and then putting my skill set against whatever opponent I’m facing on whatever promotion on the night.

I feel like that if I had to point out one particular part of Parke’s game that you have to be very sharp and aware of, it’s his wrestling exchanges. That’s where I feel like he’s most threatening in most fights that he’s been in.


TM – Co-headlining Brave 13 will likely bring a whole new set of eyes to you from all around the world. For the Brave fans who have not yet seen you fight, what can they expect from you and your style of fighting?

MP – For sure, it’ll definitely shed a new light on me as an athlete and being on a promotion as big as Brave I’m sure there will be a lot of new eyes being set upon me now and my fighting career and my competition career moving forward. What the fans of Brave can expect from me is an exciting fight, always an entertaining fight. I’ll always put on a performance and I’ll be going for the kill. I’ll be efficient with every single technique I have but for sure, it’ll never be a boring fight with me involved.

I’ll be in the centre, gauging distance efficiently and if the finish is there, I will take it. There’s probably going to be some sort of crazy shit going down at some stage. They have a lot to look forward to come June 9th.

TM – What’s your current situation contract wise? Are we going to see you back in BAMMA after this fight or will you be staying with Brave moving forwards?

MP – Contract wise with BAMMA and Brave, I’m not really able to talk about that at the moment but I’d like to think for the foreseeable future…who ever gives me the best opportunities and better pay days. I think the two of them are amazing promotions. In my past experience BAMMA have always been very very good to me,  I like all the guys who run the show, they’ve looked after me very well and given me great publicity and promoted me very well. I can’t thank them enough for that. Brave, they’re doing exactly the same thing. Contract wise I can’t really talk about it but either or, I’d be super happy to be on either one of those promotions for sure.

TM – What do you see as being your keys to victory in Belfast? Can you give us a prediction for how you believe the fight will end?

MP – I don’t want to be giving too much away when it comes to my keys to victory but of course, my stand up is always going to be somewhat of a danger to any opponent stepping in there with me. I’m very dangerous and high percentage with my stand up. I feel like that’s obviously going to be one of the factors but there’s a lot of keys to victory. 

I honestly feel that prediction wise, it’s going to be a TKO or a decision. Parke is very tough, he’s very durable and he’s been in there with some of the best guys around. If you go by his record he’s very good at eeking out those decisions and getting the job done. 

With the game plan we have in place and the way things are going momentum wise on my behalf at the moment it’s just not going to happen for him when we meet. My prediction is TKO or submission but I’d like to see myself getting a submission as well for sure.

TM – Thanks Myles, and finally then, do you have anything you’d like to say to Norman heading into the fight?

MP – My pleasure, thank you for having me. Just before I go I’d like to say a special thanks to Darbo Contracts who’ve been supporting me throughout this camp. I’d also like to put a special thanks out to Fight Store Ireland and Wolf Hound Fight Gear for looking after me during this camp. Also to everyone in my family at Team Ryano Kilkenny and Team Ryano HQ, obviously my family in general and my girlfriend Paige. Also my business partner Mick Brennan who has been a massive support in this camp as well.

My last message to Norman would be to come prepared, come ready and make sure to bring your A game because that’s what I’m bringing on the night. I’m feeling prepared for absolutely every scenario he brings into the cage and I’m ready to go toe to toe and just have a great fight to be honest with you. Bring your A game, that’s it.

I’m super looking forward to getting in there and going toe to toe with the man, it’s gonna be great.


Brave 13 will take place at the SSE Arena, Belfast on June 9th and will be headlined by an intriguing Bantamweight title fight between reigning champion Stephen Loman and SBG’s Frans Mlambo.


Main card

Stephen Loman vs. Frans Mlambo (Bantamweight World Title)
Norman Parke vs. Myles Price (Catchweight)
Karl Amoussou vs. Rodrigo Cavalheiro (Welterweight)
Andy Young vs. Bryan Creighton (Flyweight)
Declan Dalton vs. Zack Zane (Featherweight)
Mohammad Fakhreddine vs. Sidney Wheeler (Catchweight)
Erick Da Silva vs. Erik Carlsson (Catchweight)


Konrad Iwanowski vs. Glenn Irvine (Middleweight)
Saeed Younesi vs. Chad Hanekom (Middleweight)
Cian Cowley vs. Oktawian Olejniczak (Welterweight)
Ben Bennett vs. Adam Byrne (Catchweight)
Piotr Tokarski vs. Sam Slater (Featherweight)
Aidan James vs. Tommy Martin (Featherweight)
Jonathan Reid vs. Constantin Gnusarev (Lightweight)

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