Kevin Holland Interview Following DWTNCS

Despite cruising his way to a dominant victory Kevin “Trailblazer” Holland was not given a UFC contract by president Dana White. Despite Holland’s best efforts, Will Santiago was able to cling on as the fight when to the judges to confirm that Holland was the superior fighter on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. I have been fortunate enough to catch up with the man himself to see his thoughts on what the future holds for one of the brightest prospects at 185 pounds.


Interview conducted by Ryan Cambridge of MMAMotion.

Despite getting the win Dana White felt it was not the right time to bring you into the UFC. Do you agree with his decision or would you like to get an immediate shot in MMA’s greatest proving ground?

KH: I agree I didn’t get a finish and that’s what Dana’s looking for so if that’s what tells the tell then no. No contract for me I agree.

Many people get into the UFC on a short notice fight, do you feel like your ready to step straight into the octagon and cause the majority of the roster a problem? Just how soon are you looking to fight again?

KH: .yea I feel like I can smash whoever. only person beating me is myself that being said 185 has a killer roster in any organization.

And are you hoping to get a fight towards the end of this season of Dana Whites Tuesday Night Contender Series?

KH: I’m hoping to fight in Muay Thai in July but yea I’ll take another 10k easy money talk a little punch a little and slap a lot.

If you could go back and fight Will Santiago again, what would you do differently to ensure Dana gave you the contract?

KH: I got the win and the full check show and win money I wouldn’t do anything different I think I put on a fun fight and Santiago is a hard-hitting guy I ate shots and delivered them right back tough guy. he survived one out of 13 victims on the win record who didn’t get finished but he got owned.

With an impressive 13-3 record, you have both knockouts and submissions on your record, whats your favourite way to win a fight?

KH: To be honest it’s what the defensive gives me I don’t prefer one or the other just a fun fight and a solid win.

What do you feel you’ll bring to the UFC when you get your shot?

KH: I’m growing fighter who knows when I’ll get there so when the time comes ain’t no telling but whatever it is I hope people enjoy.

Do you have anything you’d like to say to the middleweight division inside the UFC?

KH: not just  UFC but anyone in the class your takedown is the start of my jiu-jitsu.

Do you have anything you’d like to say to any fans you may have accumulated from Tuesday and any fans you will gain the future?

KH: happy you all tuned, I hope you keep watching.

Its clear confidence isn’t an issue for Texas-born Holland and that was ever present inside the octagon. He was talking to his opponent and even had some words to say Santiago’s corner during the fight. Holland is definitely an entertaining fighter to watch who would only grow under the UFC banner and would make an extremely great fighter in the talent-packed middleweight division. So no one knows exactly when, but one day we’ll see Kevin Holland fighting in MMA’s greatest proving ground. And I for one cannot wait!

Ryan Cambridge

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