MMAMotion Exclusive: An interview with Andy Young ahead of ACB88

Fresh off his scrap at Brave CF 13 on 9th June, dynamic flyweight Andy Young is already moving on to a new endeavour. Just 6 days after his Belfast bout where he was he was beaten by an in-form and skillful Bryan Creighton, “Taz” is heading to Brisbane, Australia to step in the cage – this time under the ACB banner.

Young got the call to fill a spot as a last minute replacement for the injured Raymison Bruno, who was due to collide with Armenia born Narek Avagyan in the “land down under”.

I caught up with Andy to reflect on his loss to Creighton, and subsequent quick turnaround as he looks to get back on the proverbial horse in Australia. Here’s what he had to say…

Brad Dalrymple: “You were unlucky with the Brave CF 13 fight, it was a cracking contest. MMAMotion sources confirm you have a fight signed at ACB in Australia. How has this came about?”

Andy Young: “Thanks, I felt amazing in there just a silly mistake. [In respect to the ACB call,] my coach Rodney messaged me with the offer the next day [after Brave 13] and I accepted straight away. Narek Avagyan’s opponent pulled out and I’m ready and itching to go again and I am hoping to set things right. Also, my teammate Alan Philpott is on the card, so it is even better.”

BD: So stylistically, is there a huge change in prep (all be it its a short turnaround) to the Creighton matchup?

AY: Not really, I’m experienced and well-rounded enough to deal with anyone anyway.

BD: I was more so getting at the fact that Creighton is well rounded, but predominantly a striking base. Narek is more of a grappling/submission style. Do you feel the prep you have done for Creighton is transferable to this one? And, were there any notable bumps or knocks coming out of the Creighton fight?

AY: I don’t feel it will be an issue. I fought Ali Bagautinov and felt fine – Narek is not going to be his level. I can adapt very quickly. As for bumps or knocks, no, I didn’t sustain anything so I am good to go!

BD: That’s good to hear. So do you feel being so fresh off the Creighton fight is an advantage going in to another bout so soon? In your opinion, is getting straight back in there an advantage rather than disadvantage?

AY: Yeah, definitely. He [Narek] has less time to prepare for me, and I am so fresh after the last one I will only perform better.

BD: So promotion-wise, are you now signed with ACB for just one fight, or do you have a longer contract?

AY: I am signed for one fight with ACB at the moment.

BD: What are the keys to beating Narek and what are the lessons learned from the Creighton fight?

AY: I feel my keys to winning are staying sharp, playing to my strengths and finishing him on the feet. I’m not going to play into his grappling, as thats where he wants to be. In the Creighton fight I felt was great, and I was taking over on the feet – if I’m doing great, I will stay there. I didn’t need to look for a takedown [but I tried to get one] and left myself open doing it. So this time, I will be smarter.

BD: That makes sense and I am looking forward to seeing you back in action. So to conclude, do you have a message for Narek?

AY: Narek looks exciting lets put on a great fight and show me your best.

ACB88 will go down in Brisbane this Saturday. It also hosts an array of exciting matchups, including well accomplished fighters such as Muay Thai specialist Chris Camozzi, a hungry and talented Luke Barnatt, and a multitude of Australian talent ready to put on a show in front of a home crowd.

ACB88 Fight Card

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