News: Brave CF to focus on roster expansion and European events

Brave Combat Federation have announced that the organisation will focus on roster expansion after the success of Brave 13 hosted in Belfast. The organisation have projected to host at least 7 events in the second half of 2018.

The Brave CF Athlete Relations Team have specified that their internal talent scouting program will focus on signing the best upcoming talent from around the world. Apart from signing athletes, the promotion will also work towards hosting further major events in Europe, which will benefit the local talent.


Active talent scouting has resulted in making the promotion’s welterweight and lightweight divisions emerge as one among the strongest line-ups in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. The promotion have featured over 220 fighters from 40 nations in events hosted across Bahrain, Brazil, UAE, Jordan, Mexico, India, Kazakhstan, Indonesia and United Kingdom.

“We are focused in giving the athletes the perfect opportunity to showcase their skills and give them global visibility. Today there is no promotion in the world that is capable of delivering such an opportunity other than Brave Combat Federation. Brave Combat Federation is the top destination for the medalists from IMMAF World Championships. The vision of His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa [is] to nurture the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, and to cater the benefits of the initiative to fighters around world is the core factor that drives Brave Combat Federation. We will have multiple events in 2018 from the month of August, including 2018 Brave International Combat Week. To meet the rapid pace of growth, we will expand our roster”, said Mohammed Shahid, President of Brave Combat Federation.


One thing for sure, with additions like Bryan Creighton, Cian Cowley and Zach Zane, the promotion is doing all of the right things to strengthen their legit divisions of fighters, and it will be an interesting year to follow.

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