Breaking News: Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz 3 Confirmed

Confirmed via ESPN’s Brett Okamoto only a short time ago, it has been revealed that  Golden Boy Promotions’ Oscar De La Hoya has announced that the two former UFC light-heavyweight champions will face off for the third time later this year.

While this fight had been rumored for a while, and had been talked about by the fighters and the promotion, many thought that this would never actually happen and was simply a tactic being used by De La Hoya after Dana whites intentions to get involved with boxing promoting.

This PPV will be the first MMA event organised by one of the premier promotions within boxing and marks 12 years since the pair last fought at UFC 66 in 2006.

Image result for chuck liddell knock out vs ortiz

Talking to ESPN, De La Hoya told them: “I’m proud to announce we’ve signed a deal for the fight between Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz. This will be huge for sports fans around the world. Ortiz and Liddell are two of the most recognized fighters in MMA history. They are legends in the sport.”

“Everyone remembers their rivalry helped put the sport on the map, and we’re excited to host the next and final chapter of this historic rivalry.”

Liddell’ won both fights by KO and hasn’t fought since 2010, since losing 5 of his last 5 fights via KO. Tito Ortiz has returned in 2017 after defeating Chael Sonnen via Submission in the first round of Bellator 170.

It is impossible to predict how many sales this PPV will do, but one thing is for sure, it wont do anywhere close to Oscar De La Hoya’s predicted 500k

With not much detail announced at the moment, is expected that more will be released within the coming days,

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