Recap & Highlights: DWTNCS2, Week 8 – Hardy scores another quick knockout while Moffett, Nzechukwu & Smith get contracts

Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series concluded season 2 tonight. This will be the last we see of it on UFC Fight Pass, as next season things will switch over to ESPN+.

Week 8 was headlined by controversial heavyweight knockout machine Greg Hardy, who was having his second fight of the season after winning a developmental contract in week 1. Current CFFC lightweight champion Joe Lowry was the co-headliner and LFA vet Bobby Moffett filled out the rest of the card. Here’s who scored contracts on the last week of season 2:

Featherweight bout: Alex Gilpin def. J.R. Coughran via submission (D’Arce choke) (R2, 1:55)

LFA vet J.R. Coughran controlled the majority of the round by landing body to head combos and keeping CFFC vet Alex Gilpin at bay with leg kicks. At the halfway point of the round, Coughran threw a spinning back kick which Gilpin caught in mid-air and they both went to the ground. Gilpin spent the rest of the round on top. In the second round Coughlan kept landing leg kicks. Gilpin telegraphed one and shot, finally getting the fight to the ground. From there Gilpin was able to transition to a D’Arce choke and get the tap.

Featherweight bout: Bobby Moffett def. Jacob Kilburn via submission (D’Arce choke) (R2, 1:02)

LFA vet Bobby Moffett started the round by shooting for a takedown on Jacob Kilburn. Moffett was able to pull Kilburn away from the cage and from half-guard land elbows before ending the round in full mount. An exhausted Kilburn came into the next round and Moffett immediately got a takedown after a failed spinning back kick attempt. After getting position, Moffett was able to successfully lock in a D’Arce choke himself. The slick ground game of Moffett was enough to impress the boss.

Light Heavyweight bout: Kennedy Nzechukwu def. Dennis Bryant via TKO (head kicks and punches) (R1, 1:48)

With a 5″ reach advantage, former season 1 winner Kennedy Nzechukwu landed a head kick early on and followed up with a hammer fist which hurt Dennis Bryant. Just a few moments later another head kick landed for Nzechukwu and this time he ended the fight with hammer fists. With a slim light heavyweight division in the UFC, Dana decided to give him a contract.

Lightweight bout: Devonte Smith def. Joe Lowry via KO (elbows) (R1, 2:52)

The speed of Devonte Smith was the story in this fight. Smith‘s fast jab was marking up CFFC lightweight champion Joe Lowry‘s face. Lowry then shot for a takedown and while up against the cage Smith landed some elbows from hell to the temple which put Lowry out. Devonte Smith was pretty much a shoe-in.

Heavyweight bout: Greg Hardy def. Tebaris Gordon via TKO (punches) (R1, 0:17)

As soon as the fight started, Greg Hardy came out like a man possessed. He attacked LFA vet Tebaris Gordon with relentless punches against the cage before dropping him with a shot to the temple.

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