News: Invicta FC signs multi fight deal with former UFC strawweight Viviane “Sucuri” Pereira

After fighting through her four-fight contract, starting off strong with two consecutive victories, it seems the bad may have outweighed the good for Viviane “Sucuri” Pereira, ending the last half of her contract with back-to-back losses; possibly being the reason the UFC didn’t offer a second contract.

Approximately a week after Pereira had posted on her social media about her exodus with the UFC, it is announced that she will be fighting for Invicta FC in the near future. With no fight date for Pereira yet, there are many who wonder if “Sucuri” will follow the path of those who left to Invicta FC and returned to make their mark with the UFC.


Pereira (13-0), who signed with the UFC in 2016 after defeating Carolina Karasek at AFC 42 in Sau Paulo, Brazil; made her debut with the UFC with an impressive record of 11-0. Proving she was a versatile fighter before the UFC, the 24-year-old won four fights by TKO, two by submission (both being armbar submissions), and seven by decision.

She further extended her win-streak with two victories over top name fighter and former title contender Valerie Letourneau and Jamie Moyle. Both fights were won by decision; one of them being a split decision, she still had a lot to prove before she could secure a safe place on the UFC roster.

The Brazilian’s success was short-lived after losing her next fight against Tatiana Suarez in November 2017 then losing to the talented Xiaonan Yan in June of this year, both fights lost by Unanimous decision. This leading to Pereira not getting another deal with the UFC.  Viviane Pereira would not be the first to leave to a different promotion after consecutive losses and return even stronger, there have been others who leave and take time to develop and grow as fighters, then return to soar into success. With Invicta FC yet to release a fight date for Pereira we are excited to see what is in store for the Brazilian.


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