Betting: The UFC Lincoln Treble for tonight’s action

With UFC Lincoln happening tonight, a little dual with the bookies here and there always makes the event a little more interesting. So, I’ve put together a treble to try and help you make a winning choice.


Vick vs Gaethje – Vick decision 13/2

Both fighters here possess enough cardio and mental toughness for a small army, and both have fantastic stand-up skills. But when it comes to defence, we know with Gaethje it’s non-existent.

Vick, on the other hand, has defended 63% of strikes thrown at him. With him also being 6′ 3”, the range will come into it. I believe this is Vick will take the fight, sitting on outside using his slick boxing to snipe Gaethje all night. I don’t think Vick is going to want to stand and slug it with Gaethje so a hard-fought decision seems most likely.


Johnson vs Fili – Fili KO/TKO/Stoppage 11/2

This will be a tough fight for Fili, but I see him taking the victory. He possesses everything that makes a bad matchup for Johnson. Johnson is known as a fast starter but loses his explosiveness after the first round. These conditioning issues will be amplified now that he did a big cut to featherweight.

Fili has that Diaz style of pressure, where he wears you down and starts pushing when he smells blood. Also given Fili is good at mixing his boxing and wrestling along with vulnerabilities on the mat, after the first round the fight will be Fili’s for the taking. Johnson is no pushover though so I can envision this being a late one.


Hill vs Casey – Casey to win 6/5

You’re probably looking at this pick and thinking ”this guys a lunatic”, but just hear me out on this one.

Obviously, on form, you’d pick Hill, but in situations like this, the form book gets chucked in the fire. Casey is coming in as a late replacement – late replacements have a habit of causing upsets. Casey will also be aware that she hasn’t won since late 2016, so this may well be her last chance in the UFC. I believe this is a dangerous mix, and will ultimately get her the W.

This treble comes in at 106/1, so you be talking tidy profits come Sunday morning.

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