Report: Brock Lesnar written out of WWE RAW’s script to focus solely on MMA

Brock Lesnar appears to be taking his return to the UFC very seriously. It has been reported by Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer that Lesnar has been pulled from WWE Raw to focus on his return to the UFC Octagon.

According to Meltzer, Lesnar’s current WWE contract expires at some point this week, which is just in time for the wrestling superstar to fully shift his focus to the agreed heavyweight comeback fight against Daniel Cormier in the new year.

Meltzer stated: “As far as Lesnar, his WWE contract expires in a few days. He was written out of storylines when Kurt Angle refused to give him his rematch. He was pulled by WWE off the Raw show this past week because nobody could come up with an idea for him that made sense. If he was staying, he could destroy everyone, but they weren’t going to have Strowman beat him since he had no matches left, and he had no matches to build up. He could go crazy and get suspended or fired, but that doesn’t do WWE any good to put more focus on him when he’s got no date to return. He is back training for fighting. He has dropped weight. He is going in with the idea of facing Daniel Cormier for the UFC heavyweight title in early 2019.”

Lesnar, now 41, has not graced the Octagon since his UFC 200 bout with Mark Hunt in 2016. Lesnar subsequently tested positive for the banned substance, Clomiphene and his unanimous decision win over Hunt was overturned to a No Contest (NC).

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) suspended Lesnar for one year. Due to his retirement after the fight, the former NCAA Division I wrestling standout was forced to re-enter USADA’s drug testing pool. Up to now, he has already been drug tested three times in the space of one month, and the earliest he can return to the UFC is Jan. 8, 2019.

Members of the MMA community have speculated the difference in Lesnar’s body shape in the space of the last few months.

Lesnar entered the Octagon after Daniel Cormier’s knockout win over Stipe Miocic at UFC 226 and got into what seemed like a dramatised altercation with the newly-crowned heavyweight champion. However, “DC” has been vocal about the requirement for Lesnar’s drug testing prior to the fight being fully agreed.

Brad Dalrymple

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