News: Brave CF’s Filipino prospect, Pacatiw to make history in Morocco

Bantamweight, Jeremy Pacatiw (6-3) will make history at Brave 14 when he enters the cage to take on Keith Lee (3-2), brother of UFC contender Kevin Lee.

The Filipino standout will become the athlete with most fights in the company’s history, with six bouts to his name. And while he continues to rise into a star in his home country, “The Juggernaut” has been flying the flag for the Philippines all over the world.

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News: Sage Northcutt fights out UFC Contract – available to become Free Agent

22-year-old Sage Northcutt, one of the UFC’s most recognizable athletes could potentially become a free agent in the next 90 days after he fought out the last fight on his contract with a win.

Speaking to ESPN, Team Alpha Male founder and Sage’s coach at the gym, Urijah Faber confirmed with the new home of UFC that his win over Zak Ottow in Boise, Sage was his last on his current deal.

“[Last week’s Zak Ottow fight] was his last fight,” Faber said, “and I really hope they re-sign him. He is the perfect ambassador for the sport.” Faber told ESPN.

Once a fighter sees out the remaining fight on his contract, the UFC then has a 90-day exclusive negotiating period, meaning promotions such as Bellator cannot attempt to sign Sage until this window has expired.

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Northcutt is coming off a very impressive comeback victory over 6-fight UFC Vet Ottow. Northcutt was dropped badly and dominated on the ground for the entire round by managed to scramble and hurt Ottow in the closing seconds before himself dominating and stopping Ottow with ground strikes in the 2nd round.

Northcutt is 6-2 in the UFC and is currently on a 3-fight win streak. He was picked up by Dana White on his reality show ‘Dana White’s Looking For A Fight’ and has been an attraction since. At such a young age and so much potential to fulfil yet, it is impossible to see why the UFC would not resign him again, especially when Bellator would jump at the chance to grab the young Texan.

Breaking News: Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz 3 Confirmed

Confirmed via ESPN’s Brett Okamoto only a short time ago, it has been revealed that  Golden Boy Promotions’ Oscar De La Hoya has announced that the two former UFC light-heavyweight champions will face off for the third time later this year.

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Opinion: What next for Cowboy Cerrone and the other UFC Singapore main card Losers?

For those watching the in the USA, many had to make a choice of whether or not to get up super early and tune into the world Cup, or watch an unusually early card from Singapore. For those who decided to stay loyal for the great sport of MMA, they were not disappointed as they saw a card filled with great fights.

From rising stars to known names on a redemption story, there was plenty to take from this card. I have analysed the fights have listed below who I believe each LOSER should fight next. Will they continue fighting the best or will they need to build their way to the top? READ BELOW to find out what I think.

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MMAMotion Exclusive Interview: Scott Askham – “Defend or vacate. I want that belt!”

It is announced that KSW are returning to London. On October 6th, we see the return of the fast growing European promotion as they make their way back to the SSE Arena, Wembley in London.

Known for their incredibly high level production,  entertaining and world class fights and just their overall spectacle, eyes will surely be on KSW as they make a highly anticipated return to English shores.

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Interview: Bryan Creighton ahead of Brave 13 – “Andy is just another stepping stone”

On the 9th of June, Brave Combat Federation makes its European debut when it arrives to the SSE Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland. This is a landmark occasion for the fast-growing promotion as it branches out for the first time into the continent.

Fitting for such a historic occasion, the card is packed with exciting fights as well as fan favorite names. In the main event we see bantamweight champion Stephen Loman (9-2) defend his belt in a rematch against highly touted SBG man Frans Mlambo (5-2), who looks to avenge his loss against Filipino star Loman, this time hoping to walk away with a championship. In the Co-Main event we see Northern Ireland’s own and former UFC contender Norman Parke (24-6-1) take on Irish man Myles Price (10-6) in a very exciting lightweight match up. Parke will be looking to pick up another win on his quest back to the UFC while rising prospect Price will be looking to add a huge scalp to his name.

Also on the card, we see two extremely entertaining fighters come head to head when Liverpudlian Bryan Creighton (8-6) takes on Belfast’s own Andy Young (11-10). While Creighton is coming off a 3 fight finish streak, Young is coming off a loss. However, it was to former top 5 UFC flyweight Ali Bagautinov who has beaten top fighters such as Tim Elliott, John Lineker and has fought current UFC flyweight champion Demetrius Johnson. With 11 Finishes between both fighters, this fight will surely live up to expectation and deliver a barn burner.

Image result for andy young vs bryan creighton

“Any one who enters the Octagon is in the WOLFS TERRITORY! Irrelevant of who my next opponent ill have it with anyone.”

Bryan is 8-6 as a pro and currently on a 3 fight win streak, with 3 finishes via both Submission and TKO. This shows that he has skills in both striking and grappling. Creighton is a very strong grappler, which is apparent in his win against Jamie Powell at Almighty Fighting Championship 8 only as far back as April. He has heavy hands and is game to trade with any man. This will be his 7th fight in 12 months, showing that he is ready to fight whenever regardless of the opponent. Similar to his opponent Andy Young, Bryan too has fought some class names, including going the distance with UFC rising star Nathaniel Wood. This fight will be a huge test for Bryan, not only due to the fact that it will be in Young’s back yard, but that it will truly show where he is at in his career. A win over Young will only propel him further up the rankings and move him on to the next chapter in his career.

Having already talked to Andy, I then caught up with Bryan to find out how he feels about fighting Andy, and what his thoughts were on coming over to Belfast to fight against the home town favourite.

Eamonn Scott: Bryan, this is your first fight under the Brave banner. When exactly did you get the call about fighting for them and was there anything in particular that interested you the most about fighting for brave?

Bryan Creighton: “joining a dominant Promotion it seems like a natural progression test myself with bigger and better aspirations.”

ES: This is quite a big event with it being Brave’s debut card in Europe. With being placed so high up the card, do you enjoy these big fights in front of big crowds, or is the occasion irreverent for you?

BC: “I thrive of the occasion. Bigger crowds with Big Venues make me strive for bigger and better things.”

ES: This will be your first time fighting in Northern Ireland and Belfast. Are you looking forward to it? Have you heard anything about Belfast and their fans? Do you get enjoy the occasion is it just another day’s work for you?

BC: “Belfast fans are very similar to scousers so it’s one a Big Party! So I’m looking forward to partying with them all. I’m obsessed I love and breathe what I do!”

ES: With Andy being the hometown fighter, you will naturally be the “Bad Guy”. Have you ever fought in someone’s back yard before and do you thrive off the atmosphere, negative or positive?

BC: “Bad guy or good Guy! The Wolf is an individual!”

ES: You’re coming into this contest off the back of an impressive 3 fight win streak with 3 finishes. Do you believe that this is the best you have ever been in your career?

BC: “Yes I have structure, stability and a fantastic team around me “HAMMA MMA”. I believe I have the right tools for the next job at hand.”

ES: Andy has fought top quality fighters such as former top 5 UFC Flyweight Ali Bagautinov, do you feel like this is the test you need to follow-up on your previous wins?

BC: “Any one who enters the Octagon is in the WOLFS TERRITORY! Irrelevant of who my next opponent ill have it with anyone.”

ES: Andy has multiple wins by TKO, Sub and Decision, showing that he has skills in all departments. However, is there a particular area that you believe you can exploit and get the best over him in?

BC: “I respect Andy for entering the combat Arena with me, who he’s fought and what decision and what’s he done is the past. I’m looking forward bringing it!”

ES: How has this training camp gone for you? Is there anything specific that you have focused on in this camp and do you think you have improved it as much as you aimed to?

BC: “I’ve focused on my ‘Jitz’ this camp as well as wrestling. Training’s going well, I’m always pushing my training and always wanting to better myself.”

ES: You’ve been fighting professionally since 2012. Do you feel like you have hit your prime yet and are they many goals and objectives that you have set out to fulfill in your career? If so, have you accomplished any of them?

BC: “I’m Aiming for that number one Spot! Andy is just another stepping stone!”

With both fighters ready to come and trade, this fight will be nothing short of entertaining. It has a high position in the card and rightly so. This bout will surely get the crowd involved, not only in support of their own fighter Andy young, but as it will also be a very exciting contest if both men keep to their word. This card is filled with great contests top to bottom and this is certainly one of them! Don’t miss out on this historic event, get your tickets while you still can!

Interview: Andy Young Interview – “The mental area is the most important out of anything”

On the 9th of June, Brave Combat Federation makes its European debut when it arrives to the SSE Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland. This is a landmark occasion for the fast-growing promotion as it branches out for the first time into the continent. Continue reading “Interview: Andy Young Interview – “The mental area is the most important out of anything””

News: Cage Warriors star Paddy Pimblett rules himself out of UFC Liverpool

“I’ll Be On Holiday May 27th”

Cage warriors star and former Lightweight champion, Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett has just announced that he will not be fighting at UFC Fight Night 130 in his hometown of Liverpool, England.

Following the UFC’s announcement on Friday that they would be taking over the Echo arena in May, in which rising star Darren Till is set to headline, there has been talk of which Liverpudlians would join him on the highly demanded first card in Liverpool.

In my opinion, ‘The Baddy’ would not be far from the top of UK MMA fan wish lists of possible fighters on the historic debut card in Merseyside.

The Scouser, 23, announced on the 19th March edition of MMAFighting’s ‘MMA Hour’ that he would in fact not be in Liverpool at all on that night, but instead would be on holiday. “I’m on holiday on May 27th…I’m in Mexico.”

He later went to state that he was not that bothered about missing out on such an anticipated card, to the surprise of host Ariel Helwani.

“I’m not that arsed to be fair about the UFC in Liverpool. I’ve headlined the show twice before, d’ya know what i mean? I fought again there the other week”. He went on to state that he does believe the card “will be great for UK MMA” but believes he will not be missed as “The cards for Darren (Till)”

However, Pimblett doesn’t believe the card will be the same without him, citing Cage warriors 88 as an example of where an event was not as electric without him on the card.

“You’ve seen the Cage Warriors shows when I’m on there and you’ve seen the one when I wasn’t on there — When Fishy (Chris Fishgold) beat Alex Jacobsen — and it just wasn’t the same. And UFC Liverpool won’t be,” said Pimblett.

He believes that there are other fighters across the north west of England who can fill his spot, such as fellow scouser and Cage Warriors Fighter Molly McCann. When asked if the card can sell out without him, he replied by saying “Of course it can, we support our own. We’re Scousers, we support our own. That card will sell out no matter what, but it won’t be the same”

While many UK fans will be sad by this announcement, the fact that Liverpool is finally getting a card of its own will be more than enough for them. As we know however, in MMA anything can happen overnight so I wouldn’t put my house on Paddy ‘The Baddy’ not fighting on this card.

-Eamonn Scott

BREAKING NEWS: Floyd Mayweather Confirms Intention To Apply For MMA License

“Eventually We’re Going To Apply For The License And Hopefully We Can Fight!”

Just a little over 12 months ago, the odds of Floyd Mayweather fighting Conor McGregor would have seemed quite unlikely. Famously UFC front man Dana White was quoted as saying there was more chance of him “Playing Quarter Back for the (New England) Patriots in the Super bowl than this fight happening”. However, despite what Vegas thought, the fight went ahead in August against all odds. Not only did it break global fight records across the board but changed the fight game as he knew it.

If gambling is your thing, you might want to think about having a punt on a second fight happening. However, this time around the shape of the ring might be a little different with Floyd recently announcing his intention of fighting the ‘Notorious’ Irish man in MMA. At this point, the chances of a second instalment of the ‘Mayweather-McGregor’ rivalry still appear to be a long way from happening. But like anything in life, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Earlier this year, Floyd revealed that the UFC had approached him with a multi-fight, billion dollar offer for him to step inside the octagon. Shortly after, the internet was leaked with a series of teasing videos of Mayweather inside the cage.

Just over seven days ago news broke that UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley had agreed to begin training Floyd in MMA for his debut. Shortly after this news broke, Floyd himself confirmed it, while adding that he believes his wrestling is already at a ‘seven out of ten level’, and his kicking game at a “four out of ten”. Not short of confidence, in an interview with TMZ, ‘Money Mayweather’ also stated that he believes his hand game is around “one hundred out of ten.”

Now, the ‘Half a Billion’ dollar man looks likely to be in the octagon for this next fight after his announcement that he will be in fact applying for an MMA Fighting License!

In a new interview, also with TMZ, Floyd when asked if his team had yet applied for a licence, revealed “Not yet, not yet but everything takes time, but eventually we’re going to apply for the license and hopefully we can fight!”

“Even if it takes six to eight months, whatever it takes, we want to make sure that everything is done correctly and that everything is done the right way”

Whether or not Floyd is genuine in his desire to get inside the octagon, only he really knows.  What WE know however, is that Mayweather-McGregor II would be as big, if not bigger than the first fight and would take over the world as it did before.


– Eamonn Scott