Today is the day a new source of MMA news and awesome MMA articles become available to you. We will keep you updated with what’s going on in the MMA universe, offer you articles about all your favourite fighters, as well as fighters that you are not so familiar with. But with our help, you will soon know them and look forward to seeing their careers flourish right before your very eyes. Please allow us to introduce ourselves so you know a little bit more about the people bringing you content you just can’t find anywhere else on the world wide web.

Ryan Cambridge

I grew up in martial arts. I was involved in and learning karate for many years of my youth, and, I also had brief spells in boxing. The first time I ever watched MMA was UFC 100 and I have not missed a single fight since. My obsessive personality is something that has helped me with regards to writing MMA articles. I do not write much in the way of latest news, but I write much more in-depth about fighters and I will help you learn things about fighters past journeys, current struggles and future plans. I have been writing for around 3 months and have received very good feedback from some of the greatest MMA journalists on the planet. So, I decided to make this website, and bring a team of writers with me to embark on this journey. I hope you enjoy the site and refer us to your family and friends. Twitter: @PeaceInUnionMMA Insta: PeaceInUnion

Tom Mulligan

Where to begin? I’m Tom and I’m a freelance sports writer who lives in Nottingham, England. My introduction to MMA came back in 2003. I was over at a friend’s place and saw some footage of a mean looking guy named Rampage Jackson fighting in an event called PRIDE. I’d always been interested in Boxing, but I’d never seen anything like this before. From that point on, I was hooked on MMA. In my writing, I try and bring a unique perspective to breaking news stories with the occasional in-depth analysis piece or opinion editorial. Most days you can catch me talking MMA on Twitter @tommymull_mma or on Instagram @tommymull.

Brad Dalrymple

My name is Brad Dalrymple and I am from Newcastle, UK. My MMA journey started as an 8-year-old boy buying his first Karate Gi – from there I gained my brown double white belt at the age of 12. I then dedicated my time to amateur boxing and kept that going up until 17. I first found MMA when my boxing gym was home to Ross Pearson in his early days and I have watched UFC religiously ever since, never missing a card (and doing plenty of night shifts in the process!) Now 28, my journey is continuing as an MMA journalist, which I quite happily call my passion.

Stephen Johnston

Wanna know about the man behind the articles? My name is Stephen, I am a newer fan, but that does not impact my writing. I got introduced to MMA by a buddy who showed me The UFC Undisputed 3 game. My first event was Dos Anjos vs Alvarez. I spend a lot of time researching and watching a lot of past fights, Especially Pride, I love Pride! Integrity goes far with me because you have to deserve the fight. My favourite fighters are Georges St Pierre and Demetrious Johnson because they epitomize greatness while still being respectable guys, unlike most of the yahoos out there. Most days, I talk MMA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. @jorost9713 or @bigsteve9713

Jeff Roberts

Hello fans of the wonderful fighting world! My name is Jeff Roberts. I’m going to bring you the perspective of an amateur fighter in today’s fight business.

Graham Morris

Hi, my name is Graham Morris and I am 30 years old. I currently live in Dothan, Alabama USA. I have been an avid sports enthusiast for many years. I started watching MMA in 2003 and I have been a dedicated follower ever since. My favourite MMA fighter is Frank Mir. I am also a fan of other combat sports i.e. boxing, kickboxing and muay thai.

Anthony Peterson

My name is Anthony, and I’ve always loved martial arts. I was a folk style wrestler for many years. I love competition, and am currently a competitive powerlifter and record holder. I have been a fan of the UFC since the beginning and I tend to find myself cheering for the underdog. You can expect to see this in my writing.

Jess Orr

My name is Jess. I’m fairly new to writing, but I have been a hardcore MMA fan and martial artist for 15+ years. I really enjoy writing breakdowns and fight analysis. I look forward to growing as a writer and discussing fights with you all!

Blake Ratliff

Hello all, my name is Blake, I’m from Tennessee, and I am looking forward to beginning this new journey. My introduction to MMA came in 1997, when my dad owned a video store and brought home some of the first UFC events, from then on I was hooked. I was lucky enough to attend my first event at UFC 50 when my then favourite fighter, Tito Ortiz, fought Patrick Cote in a less than stellar fight. Even though it wasn’t a great fight, the atmosphere and just being there drew me even closer to the sport. I started training and working events in 2007.  I have fought for, as well as worked promotions such as Ruckus in the Cage, Extreme Cage Fighting and Connect Combat. I truly look forward to bringing a true fan’s perspective, in-depth breakdowns of fighters careers, and much more to this great site. You can catch me most days on UFC Discussion Group on Facebook.

Adam Frigm

Hi everybody my name’s Adam frigm from Pennsylvania United States. Where to start. One of the first fights I watched was Matt Hughes an GSP 2 an I was sold instantly never looked back always had an interest in boxing but after the first mma fight I watched I was obsessed. Trained a little bit of karate then wrestled for 3 years from there went to taekwondo few state titles later just recently I became a hardcore fan an really started following the sport as a whole not just my favorite fighters, I look forward to everybody reading my articles in the near future!