What can be currently considered as the best mobile livescore platform?

Soccer fans around the world could provide different answers to this question, as there are several contenders which could rightfully claim this title. However, after careful examination, it is possible to see that the best mobile livescore platform is definitely Azscore. For people who may not know, Azscore is one of the most impressive football websites around the world. It has impressed even the most demanding visitors and the most passionate fans from virtually any country on Earth. Some of the characteristics that have made this portal to be admired by all this community are:

  • The most detailed coverage of almost all leagues, tournaments and competitions.
  • Highly complete rankings, standings.
  • Extremely detailed information delivered on a minute by minute basis on all the matches and events covered by the website.
  • Definitely the most solid mobile platform in the entire industry.
  • Lots of options and preferences that allow visitors to customize their experience.

Is this mobile platform available for free?

Everything that has been mentioned so far is available for no cost at all. Unlike other platforms which have decided to create a mobile app of their own, Azscore opted for offering everything through their mobile website. This has several advantages, first of all, no additional downloads are needed, which is especially useful when considering that many people nowadays currently struggle with their storage space. Another advantage that this approach brings is that it ensures virtually universal compatibility. When speaking about an application, some companies decide to develop programs only for Android or only for iOS. Rarely a company decides to embark in a software that can satisfy users of both operating systems. Even with this consideration, it is important to remember that there are other mobile ecosystems besides the two aforementioned ones. Having mentioned all of this, in the specific case of Azscore, those who have had the chance to try its livescore mobile platform usually make very positive comments about how easy and intuitive it is to employ it. One thing that is constantly praised is how little time it takes to navigate between leagues, matches, or even players when attempting to find more specific bits of information. Considering all these advantages, probably everybody who eventually tries the azscore mobile platform will agree that it is one of the best of its kind.