Mirko Cro Cop has replied to Roy Nelson’s “Fat disrespectful ass”

Now that we are aware that the two legendary heavyweights will face off at Bellator 200, here is your update on the current situation:

Mirko Cro Cop has replied to Roy Nelson’s “Fat disrespectful ass” for saying he is on “special supplements.” ahead of their Bellator 200 rematch, Mirko later replied and is not seeming very happy. Cro Cop is currently on a eight fight winning streak in RIZIN, which happens to be his longest win streak in his career. However, with these wins coming in RIZIN there has been a lot of talk that drug testing is almost none existent.

Cro Cop’s reply to Nelson:

“Dear Roy Nelson, you don’t have to worry that I’m using any ‘special supplements’ as you claim. The only ‘special supplements’ I’m using is 2 hard and bloody trainings per day, five days a week. And I will be tested, like all others, during preparations for the fight and before and right after the fight. So you can be calm. And start thinking of some good excuse after I beat up your fat disrespectful ass, you have enough time to May 25. And do me a favour please, and shave that disgusting beard, look like professional fighter and show respect to your opponent. Good luck !”

The bout between the two heavyweight legends will take place on May 25th 2018 at the SSE arena in London (Bellator 200). The bout will showcase the rematch going back to UFC 137 in October 2011, where “Big Country” stopped Mirko by third round TKO.

– Connor

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