Jose Aldo: Frankie Edgar made the “Biggest Mistake” at UFC222.

0FA10F25-5B0A-41B0-B36B-1C9A467B269C.jpegAs we’re all aware the former UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar was set to fight Max Holloway in a 145lbs title bout at UFC222.

However, due to Max sustaining a leg injury in training for this 5 round fight, he withdrew from this card. As a result of this, Brian “T-City” Ortega stepped in to replace the injured champion just days before the event.

In this fight that Frankie Edgar could’ve dismissed, “T-City” defeated the UFC veteran by knocking Edgar out in just the very first round. This was looked at as a big upset due to the fact that we seen Edgar being finished for the first time in his 13 year mixed martial arts career. Frankie, who was on a two fight winning streak, boasting wins over current #5 ranked UFC Featherweight brawler Jeremy Stephens, and dynamic Yair Rodriguez soon come to an end.

Aldo and Edgar have also had two encounters during their UFC careers on two separate occasions. Unfortunately for Edgar, Aldo took victories in both of these events. The first being at UFC 156 on February 2nd 2013. Aldo’s second success against Edgar was on July 9th 2016, at UFC 200. Fortunately for Aldo, the first bout was for a featherweight title, where he successfully defended his belt and secured his fifth title defence.

Aldo’s words on Edgar Vs Ortega: “I just thought it was a mistake on Edgar’s end to fight Brian, who’s a very tough guy. He would have fought for the title, but he risked that and lost. Now he’s all the way back there again. I think that was his biggest mistake.”

So, what’s next for edgar? Well in my personal opinion, Frankie Edgar should fight either Cub Swanson or Jeremy Stephens. I feel this would be a good matchup because they’re good opponents to get him back into title contention.

Who would you like to see Edgar fight next?

– Connor

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