Profile: Chase Gibson, Road To Combate Americas

Combate Americas has gained a great fighter in Chase “El Guero” Gibson. On April 13th in his hometown Los Angeles, Gibson faces his toughest opponent yet in Rafa Garcia (5-0 pro. record) , at Combate Americas Combate Estrellas 1. Prior to the fight I caught up with “El Guero” to find out about his life before MMA, and to give you an insight on the life and mindset of one of L.A’s hottest prospects.

Born and raised in L.A, life was never easy for Gibson. His parents split when he was only a toddler, which must have been a struggle for his mum bringing up Chase, his older brother, his twin brother and two half-brothers. Gibson and his twin would fight on a daily basis and he started to seek the thrill of adrenaline he found in being mischievous – stealing cigarettes and beers, fighting, breaking windows and causing havoc, all fed the craving for adrenaline for Chase. At around 12-years-old, curious Gibson started developing problems with drugs and alcohol. Losing interest in all things good in his life and solely focused on how and when he would next get high. This led to Gibson getting arrested multiple times for theft, getting kicked out school and the young boy found himself in juvenile prison. Between the ages of 13 and 20, Gibson was in and out of jail, rehabs, group housing and mental hospitals but he was an addict unwilling to change, so the system was a waste of time on the youngster who was relapsing, committing crimes and still getting high at every opportunity. Life was bleak for Gibson, but there was only one person who could change all this, himself.

Gibson found inspiration in his twin brother, who was sober and training muay thai and was fighting as an amateur. So “El Guero” started training too and become sober and maintained his focus solely on muay thai and becoming a better fighter. Finally his addictive personality was being drawn into something productive. After three months of training, he took his first amateur muay thai fight, which Gibson won, although he gassed himself out in the first round which left him hungry to improve. Only three months later Gibson entered an eight-man tournament out of his weight class. This ended badly as an overhand fight sent the American out cold, not the birthday present his Mother had hoped for, seeing her son flat out on the canvass. Gibson was then put in a fight to lose against a tough undefeated fighter, once again he got knocked out, this lead to him doubting himself and another drug relapse wasn’t far after, but this time it was heroin.

Gibson pulled himself sober again after seeing his brother turn pro. as a fighter in muay thai. He saw what his life could be like if he dedicated his time to training rather than chasing the dragon. So that’s what he did, he dedicated his life to his girlfriend, becoming a better fighter – losing another fight was “a test from God” to see just how dedicated Gibson was. Persistence paid off as he won his next fight and then started training Brazilian jiu-jitsu to become a mixed martial artist. Not long after starting to train, Gibson wins his first amateur MMA fight in dominant fashion and went on a seven-fight win streak in MMA and muay thai. Everything was beginning to click into place for the American who was having the best time of his life. He won a couple more of fights before turning pro. in 2014.

KOTC was the first organisation to sign Gibson up as a pro. and after winning his first fight with a great submission over David Hernandez, he lost his next two fights by decision. This made “El Guero” question everything including his team and his training, but his commitment to becoming a great MMA fighter was never in doubt. Gibson then signed for CFX. A quick first-round submission win over AJ Bryant gave Gibson the kickstart he needed. Next fight, boom! a head kick KO over Fard Muhammad. Then, Gibson got married to the lady who had been by his side throughout everything, and then won his next fight over Adam Calderon.

“El Guero” had earnt his title shot against a tough Russian featherweight in Serob Minasyan. Gibson managed to utilise his slick ground game to emerge victorious over the Russian powerhouse, and the American had won his first belt. Gibson defended his belt against Jeff Martin and won via knockout in the first round due to his superior ground and pound. Since then, Gibson and his Wife have had their first child, a baby girl called Sofia. The birth of his first child has only spurred Gibson on more to improve and provide for his family.

So now with a five-fight win streak, Gibson is eager to get back in the cage and continue his mixed martial arts journey. All eyes will be on Gibson making his Combate Americas debut in search of his sixth straight win. If you enjoy flashing K.Os, suffocating Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Gracie standard submissions there’s only one place you will be on April 13th, and that’s watching Chase Gibson bounce his next victims head off of the canvass in spectacular fashion!

Ryan Cambridge

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