Is Conor McGregor Preparing For Khabib Nurmagomedov?

Conor “The Notorious” Mcgregor has released a video of himself sparring for the first time since his transition into the world of boxing. As we all know the Irishman likes to offer hints in his social media posts and it seems like he had offered us all a new hope that “Notorious” will return in an attempt to reclaim his 155lb strap!

Its been unclear what the future holds for the UFC’s biggest star after the antics that took place at UFC 223 which lead to the 29-year-old being arrested and a court date is set. Despite this, Mcgregor’s latest social media post is showing him training at his beloved SBG gym primarily focused on grappling, as if he was to fight the current champion Khabib the majority of his fight camp would have to be focused on attempting to stop the onslaught from the Russian powerhouse.

At this time, of course, this is all speculation, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Mcgregor was in fact training for his toughest test yet, and only time will tell if this is really the case.

Ryan Cambridge

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