MMAMotion Exclusive Interview: Scott Askham – “Defend or vacate. I want that belt!”

It is announced that KSW are returning to London. On October 6th, we see the return of the fast growing European promotion as they make their way back to the SSE Arena, Wembley in London.

Known for their incredibly high level production,  entertaining and world class fights and just their overall spectacle, eyes will surely be on KSW as they make a highly anticipated return to English shores.

On this card, we see Former UFC Veteran of 6 fights, Scott Askham. With his opponent yet to be announced, the English native will be certainly looking to make another statement following his incredible first round stoppage over the extremely talented Micahl Materla, as he chases the KSW middleweight championship.

Currently training with American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Florida, Scott trains with the best daily. Having partners such as Thiago Santos, Colby Covington, Santiago Ponzinibio, Antonio  Carlos Jr to name a few, Askham is arguably among the elite middleweights around the world.

Scott Askham

Coming off the back of two impressive wins against Luke Barnett and Michal Materla, Scott Askham has his eyes on one thing and one thing only – the title. Ahead of Scott’s return to KSW with their huge return to London, I caught up with the middleweight contender to find out how he is feeling, who he will be fighting and his thoughts on the future.

Eamonn Scott: You fight in KSW in London next, this is a huge card, are you looking forward to it and how closely are you to finalising your opponent?

Scott Askham: “Really looking forward to it and I advise any MMA fan to attend! Never been to a show like KSW before in my life. Not close to finalising an opponent yet, but looking forward to some news!”

ES: You are 2-0 since leaving UFC against very tough opponents in Luke Barnatt and Michal Materla. Do you believe that you are finally able to show people that you truly are one of the best middleweights in the world?

SA: “Yes of course, I now train with the best team in the world, American Top Team, and the confidence that is giving me, plus adding to my game all the time, is really showing in my fights. [I’m] Excited to see how far I can take it!”

ES: You were a huge underdog in your last fight against one of the hottest names in MMA, Michal Materla. Do you believe that your spell with the UFC put doubt into people’s minds about how good you really are, and do you thrive off the doubt and being under-looked?    

SA: “Let them doubt me all they like, I know where my skills are at. I will keep proving it each fight. In the UFC I underperformed and [I am] happy at my new team. I am fully happy with everything in my camp. No excuses. Let’s get some belts and earn some cash!”

ES: With that massive win over Materla in March, how far away from the KSW title do you think you are?

SA: “I feel I am next in line for the title shot. Who else is there for me to fight? I would be disappointed with any other fight but hearing Khalidov wants a rematch with Narkun. Let’s see what happens!”

ES: When comparing the UFC with KSW, what would you say the main differences are?

SA: “UFC is more mainstream and if you’re in the UFC more people around the world watch. But, in terms of how to put on a show, KSW are way ahead. Their opening ceremonies are something else!”

ES: For you personally, do you enjoy the freedom of being able to fight where you want?

SA: “Yeah, I am happy with my contract situation at the minute, allowing me to fight more often (I was unlucky to get an injury last camp) but yeah, I am really happy with everything going off in my career at the minute.”

ES: BRAVE CF just had their European debut card in Belfast, have you heard of them before and if so have you been approached and would you be interested in fighting for them?

SA: “I have never been approached by them, no. [I have] Heard about them before, yes, and great to see other big promotions expand across Europe. I believe European MMA is up there with some of the best in the world.”

ES: Finally, are there any fighters in particular that you would like to fight in your next coming bouts?

SA: “Of course, Khalidov! If not Khalidov it must be [for the] vacant belt! I am the number one contender. Defend or vacate. [I’m] Not in to no interim title. He’s not injured. I want that belt! So hopefully Khalidov!”

As Scott looks to climb that ladder and gain the middleweight championship under the KSW banner, it is clear that he is ready to face the current champ Khalidov in order to get it. When we will see the fight for the belt is not yet confirmed, but what is for sure is that Askham’s dynamic style will always be pleasing for the fans. October we will see him back – don’t miss it!



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