News: Mackenzie Dern confirms she will continue to fight at strawweight

Much has been said about Mackenzie Dern’s dramatic failure to make weight at UFC 224 last month, with the overwhelming opinion being that the 25-year-old should consider moving to flyweight for her next UFC appearance.

Speaking after the event during the post fight press conference, the Jiu-Jitsu protege confirmed that the UFC had invited her to utilise the UFC Performance Institute (UFC PI) in Las Vegas, to help her better manage her nutrition and weight management moving forwards.

After spending time at the UFC PI over recent weeks, Dern spoke with Globo’s Combate website and explained that the UFC are now satisfied that she’s fighting in the correct division for her body type.

“After I did not hit the weight, the UFC called me,” Dern said. “They said they were thinking of moving me up, they called me to come to the Performance Institute in Las Vegas to see what my body type was like, if it was better continue at strawweight or move up to flyweight. Having this network is so great, seeing them invest time in me and helping me, I had no way of saying no. I’m here getting their help on everything.”

Mackenzie Dern promoting a scale on Instagram the day before missing weight by 7lbs

“Everyone here agrees I have a body type that fits at strawweight, in the category that I am, so the plan is to continue in it,” Dern added. “But we want to diet and train so that I do not have to cut so much weight, I’ll cut very little. After the fight, I will not go up that much. Regardless of what will be decided on the weigh-in, whether or not it will return for the afternoon, it will not change my situation much, because, the way they want me to be the best possible athlete, it will be a very quiet thing.”

Dern admits that there were numerous factors which contributed to the failed weight cut in her last fight and plans to use all of the resources the UFC have made available to improve her approach to weight management as a whole.

“Fighting twice in a short time period was one of the factors, but there really were a lot of things,” Dern said. “I’m learning here every day, every day I learn something different from my body that I did not even know, things that get in the way of my cut, that I had difficulty due to the way I cut. Now that I’m working with the UFC, I’m going to come back here every four weeks, take the tests to see how my body is reacting. But otherwise my workout will continue normal.”

Confident that her weight management issues are now behind her, Dern is hoping to fight again before the year is out, suggesting New York as a possible location for her return to the strawweight divison.

“I wanted to fight in New York, I have no idea of ​​an opponent, incidentally, so you want to make a suggestion?”

Who would you like to see Mackenzie Dern face next? Let us know in the comments.

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