Report: Brent Primus tells Michael Chandler to “sign the contract b*tch”

With Brent Primus already having one up on Micheal Chandler, he is very keen to prove his victory wasn’t a fluke by trying to persuade Chandler to sign on the dotted line for a second bout.

Chandler, who is just after securing a new deal with Bellator, has been pressured by Primus to sign a bout agreement. The expletives were in full flow, as Brent is wanting to jump back in after recovering from a multitude of niggling injuries. This will be his first fight since taking the belt off “Iron” with a 1st round TKO in NYC in June 2017.

During the fight, Chandler suffered a gruesome leg injury. Primus credits himself for inflicting damage on Micheal, but Chandler claims it was self-inflicted. No doubt this history will add an extra bit of spice to proceedings in the run-up to the fight.

Nothing has been signed and sealed just yet, but according to MMAjunkie, Bellator plans to have the fight happen at an unannounced event on December 14th.

Seems like a big year ahead for Chandler. It is also likely the Bellator stalwart gets his crack at redemption and a rubber match with Eddie Alvarez. Certainly fro a fans’ perspective, this looks inevitable as Alvarez fought out the remainder of his contract with a loss to Dustin Poirier in the recent months. This leaves Alvarez a free agent, and it is rumoured Bellator are looking to snap him up for the second time in his career.

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