News: Amir sends epic response to Cleiton Silva ahead of Brave CF 11

Things are certainly heating up ahead of the Brave 11, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil on April 13th. In a proverbial clash of prospects, SBG standout Ahmed Amir  (8-1-0) will be attempting to push on with his seven fight win streak by imposing his will against hard-hitter Cleiton Silva (12-2-0).

However Silva, who will be debuting for the promotion, has recently sent a message advising Amir of his intentions when they stand toe to toe:

“Every opponent has strengths and weaknesses. I feel good going into this fight and I expect the best. There is no easy fight, but I am not going in there to make it nice, I am going to run through him. My message to Amir is – you have never faced The Predator. I will go in there to hunt and take the head off the Butcher. I am taking your head off. You are done”

Amir has now responded, giving an insight in to how much pride and professionalism is on his shoulders whilst representing Egypt:

“I am focused on my training and martial arts is about respect. In Brazil, I will represent not just Egypt but the fighting heritage and pride of every Arab fighter. It is a responsibility and I will be victorious. Regarding the comments of my opponent, it was weird and didn’t make any sense. How can a person run through other people? This has nothing to do with MMA. May be he meant to say that he will run away from me. In the history of Mixed Martial Arts, nobody had taken the head off an opponent in the cage. I have no idea what is wrong with my opponent.”

The fight is certainly shaping to be a fun one. Cleiton has more fight experience than Amir and has won twelve of his fourteen fights. The 32-year-old Brazilian is looking for a strong return from a loss that ended his eight fight winning streak. Also the strong ground game of Clieton has enabled him to never be submitted in his entire fight career.

However, Amir has looked outstanding in his last bouts, taking a close decision (and fight of the night) against Erik Carlsson which subsequently gained the attention of SBG legend John Kavanagh. Amir is now in Ireland and having a full camp at SBG, who have produced stars such as Conor McGregor and UFC welterweight challenger Gunnar Nelson.